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Six years ago, I decided to purchase a helium balloon for a retirement party...simple I thought...I drove 10 miles to my nearest well known card/balloon shop, paid to park my car and proceeded to obtain said balloon.  But of course they didn't have any for retirement in stock!  Not to worry I thought,   I had a few days before the party so 2 days later I drove in again, paid to park my car and this time, but after having to wait for what seemed an age managed to get the illusive retirement balloon. Result!

  6 months later another retirement party loomed...did I really want all that hassle of driving into town, paying to park my car and hanging around whilst waiting to be served and then waiting again just  to get a single balloon.  Anyway I decided to take the risk and drove the 10 miles , duly paid to park my car, only to find that once again the shop didn't have any retirement balloons in stock!!!!!  Why is it so hard.? ..all I wanted was one solitary 'Happy Retirement' balloon.  It was at that point I had a light bulb moment....why not do it myself!  Another well known retail outlet sells helium in little tanks and I could get the balloon of my choice on line.  The plan worked well, but all in all the cost of the tank and the balloon came to £24.37 and what was I going to do with all the left over helium?

Here I am  six years later into my balloon business and I'm loving every minute.  The disposable helium tank has long gone and been replaced with a proper cylinder with lots of gas in it.  I have over 400 foil balloons in stock and well over 1000 latex ones and enough coloured ribbon to wrap around the world! (just kidding!) 

So the moral of the story is...don't waste your time driving, parking, queuing, stressing just to buy a balloon.   Have a peak at my balloon pages  and message me / email me/ or phone me with your order and for any orders over £5.00 within a 5 mile radius of St. Just-in- Penwith  I will deliver free of charge!    I can send you an invoice and you can pay on line via PayPal or if are collecting you can pay by  cash at the door.   It's that simple.

But the story doesn't end there...I send foil balloons all over the country in a box via Royal Mail and even sent some abroad!   I can do Corporate Impact Balloon displays, decorations for parties,  arches, bouquets, favours  for weddings and even Fantasy Flowers!


We all know that balloons if used irresponsibly can cause litter and harm to  wildlife in our countryside and Oceans therefore  Balloonatic Southwest does not support balloon releases.  There are some lovely alternatives  to balloon releases including 'Forget me not balloons' (purple and white air filled balloons on sticks with wild flower seeds inside which can be popped at the chosen location for the flower seeds to germinate). Then the balloon can be disposed of and the sticks reused.

All my  helium filled balloons are sold with appropriate weights attached and for larger orders of party balloons I offer a free collection and disposal of the balloons after any event within a 10 mile radius of St. Just - In- Penwith.

I look forward to creating something special for you.

Sally-Ann Thomas

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