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Balloon Arches

A balloon arch is a fabulous decoration for any occasion and  creates a 'wow' factor every time.  They can be made from using helium filled latex or foil balloons to air filled latex and foils.  One of the most popular arches is known as a 'String of Pearls' arch and uses helium filled balloons. It is  ideal as a stunning decoration for weddings on the Top Table as it creates the effect of the balloons floating.

String of Pearls Arch

As a rule of thumb you will need approximately 3  x  11" latex balloons  per meter though there are different formulas for working out the approximate diameter of your desired balloon arch.

If your balloon arch is going to be wider than the height, 

 you need to add the width plus the height.

e.g.  Length 3m and height 2m

3m + 2m = 5m x 3 (11" balloons) = 15  (11" balloons) 

5" balloons are not used for String of Pearl Arches as they do not retain enough helium to float successfully.

If your arch is going to be taller than its width, you need to multiply the height by 2 and add the width.   If your arch is 3m in height but only 2m in width:

2 x 3m = 6m +2m = 8m x 3(11" balloons) = 24 balloons

If your arch is equal in it's height and width, the following formula will apply:

1.5 x height + width  therefore if your arch is going to be 3m high and 3m in width

1.5 x 3m = 4.5m + 3m = 7.5m x 3 (11" balloons) = 22.5 (23 11" balloons)

Wedding String of Pearl Arch
Air filled balloon arch

Air filled Arches

Air filled arches are invariably constructed of clusters of 4 balloons.

This arch was made using air filled 5" balloons in clusters of 4 to create the spiral pattern.  You will need approximately, 36  x  5"balloons per meter/yard

We have the equipment necessary to do an arch at any length from 6ft for children's parties  (1.829m) to full scale 35ft  (10.668m)  Indoors or outdoors (except in extremely windy conditions!)

Child's frozen themed arch

As requested by my 4yr old grandaughter!

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This arch is approximately 12ft in length if laid flat, but once arched there was just enough head room for 4/5yr olds to stand under.

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Corporate Full size balloon arch

Corporate balloon arches are a great way to showcase a new car or product.  Every new Mercedes car owner got to drive under the archway on their way out!

Spiral arch in chrome silver and onyx black 8" latex balloons

Full size arch using 8" latex balloons

Wedding 3-balloon bouquet

3 balloon bouquet in onyx and black but photographed to give it a pink tinge.

Medium arch

Violet and white 5" balloons

Doorway arch

Violet and white 5" balloons with 8" balloon bases

3-balloon wedding table decorations are a lovely way to make a reception look stunning and sophisticated.  Prices start from £6.99 (3 plain latex)

Balloons are a fabulous way to fill corners and make entrances look special.  There are many designs too.

Quick Link Arch

Quick link arches are ideal if you are on a tight budget although you are limited to the length for stability reasons.  However  the arch can be secured to two balloon columns and make a stunning entrance to your party or event.

Quick link arch


Prices for balloon arches are calculated by the metre and there is an additional £50.00 on site decorating service and retrival of spent balloons after your event if required.


5" latex balloon clusters  in a basic spiral patterned arch cost  from £5.50 per metre for plain balloons - £8.00 per metre for patterned /chrome balloons.   Ideal for wedding cake tables or small arches.  Wedding cake tables are normally between 6ft (1.8m) to 11ft (3.3m) in length 

8" latex balloons in clusters of 4 cost from £11.00 per metre -to £25.00 per metre depending on the type of latex balloon you want i.e. plain/patterned/chrome

Air filled 12" Quick Link balloon arches on small columns - ideal for children's parties  £5.0 per metre.


String of Pearl Arches cost  from £4.75 per metre for plain 11" balloons - £6.25 per metre for stunning chrome balloons.

Any order over £225.00 includes the on site decorating service.